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North American Bancard Strategic Marketing Partnerships

Strategic Marketing Partnerships

Since 1992, North American Bancard has proven itself to be a thriving and vibrant organization. We are constantly on the lookout for like-minded businesses to partner with for mutual benefit. If your company shares a similar customer base to that of NAB’s, we have a moneymaking proposition for you – it’s our strategic marketing alliance.

Becoming part of our strategic partnership services is easy... just refer clients of yours who could need electronic payment solutions to North American Bancard.

After your referral, our highly trained sales staff takes over and if a sale is made, you get a healthy commission... it’s as simple as that.

The program:
  • Is flexible to grow as our partnership grows
  • Provides upfront payments
  • Includes bonuses for converting customers
  • Allows for fixed monthly residual payments

Become a part of our winning team. Contact us today to set up a Strategic Marketing Alliance. Just another way we’re helping American business prosper.


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