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Credit Card Machines & Terminals

Credit Card Machines & Terminals

Choosing the Right Credit Card Machine

There are a variety of credit card machines on the market and it's important to know which one is best suited to meet the needs of your business. It’s important that you assess how your customers shop and which forms of checkout will work best with your business model.

How Credit Card Processors Work

Traditional terminals are dialed out either by a phone line or through an Internet connection. If you use a land line, make sure it is a dedicated line or it will not work properly if there are interruptions from incoming calls or call waiting. Many businesses prefer the convenience of the Internet connected terminals that use IP for faster transactions and don't tie up a land line.

Why a Credit Card Terminal is for Your Business and your Customers

Anytime a credit card is presented at your place of business, you need to have a credit card machine set up. This allows you or your customer to swipe the physical card through the reader or manually enter the numbers into the terminal to complete their purchase. It is designed for face-to-face transactions. However, these types of terminals also work for purchases made over the phone or by other means when the physical card is not present. It's important to note that rates are lower when the credit card is swiped and the card is present.

Other Options for Accepting Payments

In addition to the traditional style terminals, there are several other options that add convenience for your customers. You can add a pin pad device to accept debit card purchases, use a store and forward option where you enter the credit card information and process it at a later time or you can add an e-commerce checkout system and mobile apps for your smartphone or tablet.

North American Bancard (NAB) can help you determine which credit card machine is right for the type of business you run. We offer a variety of options, from counter-top terminals and e-commerce shopping cart checkouts to mobile apps that allow you to process on the go.


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