No matter what stage you’re in of your business, there will always be an unfamiliar road ahead of you. Books about entrepreneurship are the perfect way to experience this unfamiliarity before you’re in the driver’s seat yourself. Whether you’re looking for the motivation to get your business started or looking to further build your revenue, these books are the perfect mix of inspiration and knowledge:

Lean Startup- Eric Ries

Eric Ries, in this book, redefines what entrepreneurship means. Ries finds that a startup is a group of people who create something new under conditions of extreme uncertainty. His practices focus on capital efficiency and human creativity. Ries explains how the failure rate of startups doesn’t have to be as high as it is, so long as people take a scientific and structured approach to starting their business.

Rework- Jason Fried

If you’re tired of reading the same entrepreneurial books, this one is sure to deviate from the norm. Jason Fried focuses more on why you don’t need a plan, don’t need investors, and shouldn’t worry about the competition. Can this really be the key? Find out now why simplicity and work ethic are the key to success.

The Purpose Economy- Aaron Hurst

Thanks to millennials, the world is constantly changing. This includes career paths that now heavily include tech startups, freelance work or small businesses. Similar to the new ways the information economy works, the world is now driven around connecting people to their intended purpose or their best fit career. Read this book to find out more about the new breed of startups.

The Hard Thing about Hard Things- Ben Horowitz

Ben Horowitz, cofounder of Andreessen Horowitz, is a successful entrepreneur, most known for his Silicon Valley developments. Horowitz explains the daily complications that confront an entrepreneur and the way in which he handles these situations. He delves into the rigors of entrepreneurship and the difficulties he never saw coming.

Startupland- Mikkel Svane

Mikkel Svane, founder of the customer relationship management company, Zendesk, describes the unconventional and quite risky start of his company. Started in Copenhagen with him and his two friends, Zendesk caused Svane to find out what it was like to nearly go broke multiple times, but recover and build the empire he owns today. He never thought that his small business in Copenhagen would ever move to California and have the chance for an IPO with his same friends sitting right next to him years later, but sure enough, that’s what happened.

Poke the Box- Seth Godin

The decisions we make, whether it be for a business or for stocks, emphasize our dependency on the past and present for these decisions. We look at static figures rather than the figures of tomorrow. Godin emphasizes that our future is dependent on how we provoke change today and how we learn from the results. Find the inspiration in this book to be creative and unique to provoke change in your business.

The 7 Day Startup- Dan Norris

This book is focused on exactly what its title says -- starting, and starting fast! This includes validating your business idea, starting a website in one day for under $100, choosing a business name, and quick ways to market your business. Unlike other books that prepare both you and your business, this is made for those who are putting their plan into action now.

The Innovator’s Dilemma- Clayton Christensen

In this book, Christensen explains the ins and outs behind missed and failed businesses that are based on innovation. A business is not always about following the perfect business practices at all times. It is sometimes necessary to stray from the path of traditional practices in order to be competitive in an overcrowded market. Find out more from Christensen today and find out what this book really has to offer.

Running Lean- Ash Maurya

Ash Maurya, in this book, focuses on what fits where. Not every startup is successful. In fact, the majority aren’t- but why? Running Lean provides the tools to figure out what product fits in what market in order to increase your chance of success. Some of these tools include knowing when to pivot a plan, or how to create solutions based on the right problem. Learn more about these tools and others and get Running Lean today!

Zero to One- Peter Thiel

Thiel, an investor and entrepreneur, explains how we are still in an era of rapid technological and informational advances. There are still uncharted territories to explore and develop and Thiel provides the key to discovering them. Figure out how creating something new and unique takes a person from zero to one and makes them an innovator in a field that might not even be existent right now.

Purple Cow- Seth Godin

Just like the title suggests, Godin believes that every successful business is like a purple cow. There are plenty of brown cows out there, but once a customer sees a purple cow, the image is left there forever. Godin believes that a business needs to be a purple cow from the start and stand out where others don’t. In every product, in every business model, a purple cow must be present. Whether it’s a small bit of creativity and ingenuity that differentiates your product, do it!

From the simplicities of a business to the unique features of any product, these books have it all. Grab a book, get inspired and start building your business today!

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