The introduction of innovative solutions into the market is changing lifestyles of people all around the world. Consumers are getting used to luxury living and are always looking for the fastest, most frictionless and convenient option when it comes to completing their tasks. The technological revolution is not only changing the ways the world functions, but also the mindsets of today’s consumers. To ensure your continued success, you as a business owner will have to keep this fact in mind. 

Whether it’s a small-scale business, a small-budget startup, or a Fortune 500 company, all businesses have to address the changes in the mindsets of the “modern consumer.” Tech-savviness, love for luxury, and convenient living are what best describe this group.

As stated, these are individuals who are looking for as little “friction” in their checkout processes as possible. They just want to pay and be on their way. Typically, today’s consumers prefer making cashless payments as they are much more convenient. To address the needs of these customers, it is imperative that you provide your customers with as many of their preferred payment methods as possible, including mobile credit card processing. 

Accepting credit cards not only enhances customer satisfaction but will also help you increase your revenue. Investing in smart payment devices like NAB’s proprietary Payanywhere Smart Solution Suite will allow you to accept payments on the go while our Bluetooth Credit Card Readers can help you enter the world of mobile credit card processing through your smartphones and tablets. The fact is, no matter which mobile credit card solution you choose, you’ll enjoy a host of benefits. 

1. Mobile credit card solutions give your sales a boost.

Almost any business owner can benefit from mobile credit and debit card acceptance. Not only does it enhance the shopping experience of a consumer, but it helps you accept payments wherever and whenever. Accepting credit cards allows you to attract new consumers to your business. It also allows you to sell your products in different settings, significantly increasing your revenue. All you need is your mobile payment device, or a smartphone or tablet and a mobile credit card reader. 

2. They speed up your checkout.  

It is a threat that hovers over your head during your peak hours: the idea of losing customers and revenue because of long checkout lines, a slow checkout process, and abandoned carts. 

By equipping your sales associates with mobile credit card processing solutions, you can avoid such a fate by line busting with a fast and frictionless mobile credit card solution. Doing so reduces the chances of customers abandoning their purchases, while the faster, more frictionless checkout offers a modern touch and added convenience that will keep them coming back again and again. Your employees can even roam the store, making relevant upsells and checking out customers quickly and securely on the spot. 

3. They help you create a vast network of loyal customers. 

Not having to wait in long checkout lines, the ability to make quick payments, plus the personalized service your employees can offer anywhere on the sales floor, all help build customer trust and loyalty. 

By integrating mobile credit card processing into your business, you’ll increase your customer base and the satisfaction of that base. 

4. They help you build a trusted brand name. 

Customer trust is crucial for the success of every business. If merchants want to build a trusted brand name, they need to offer their customers a reason to trust their products or services. With a mobile card reader, you can offer its customers a variety of secure payment options, while demonstrating that you are a trustworthy, forward-thinking business who uses the latest payment technologies. 

By offering your consumers exactly what they want, you’ll start establishing trust in your business, while creating positive brand equity to give yourself a competitive edge in the market. 

5. Mobile credit card solutions can be a powerful management tool. 

Today’s modern point of sale solutions for mobile credit card processing allow you to do so much more than simply accept credit and debit card payments. They allow you to access a powerful tool for managing your customers, employees, inventory, and chargebacks — all via your payments app and a secure online merchant portal.  Making mobile credit card readers an integral part of your business is one of the smartest ways to boost sales at your business. At North American Bancard, we have a number of mobile credit card processing solutions to choose from including our sleek and feature-rich Payanywhere Smart Solution Suite. Contact us to learn more!

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