What can your business learn from the Ice Bucket Challenge that was trending everywhere on the internet?

I’m sure, by now, that you’ve seen at least one “Ice Bucket Challenge” video on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. This challenge, and its videos, have gone viral in the last few weeks and a variety of celebrities have joined in. Everyone wants their marketing campaign or idea to go "viral" but we all know it isn't that easy, but what can we learn from this campaign that succeeded in becoming a viral sensation?

Inc. breaks down the key elements that makes this campaign so successful. They are:

1. Anyone can participate. There are no barriers or costs to participating. People are also asked to encourage others to participate.

2. There are very simple rules to the challenge.

3. There is a compressed time period to complete this challenge.

4. It’s the perfect time of the year for this type of challenge.

5. It features a strong, focused, vocal core base linked to a larger vocal base.

6. It uses simple, but descriptive hashtags.

7. There is a “social currency” element.

8. There are small expectations from the start.

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