With the ever-growing number of internet tools aimed at small businesses for marketing, it can be hard to keep track of which ones to use. To help you out, we’re sharing the following infographic:

Internet marketing

Photo credit: https://www.visualistan.com/2014/04/tools-you-need-for-internet-marketing.html

Clearly there are quite a few resources for marketing your business and it can be difficult to manage all of them. When starting out, your business won’t need all of these resources, but it’s good to have a further understanding for when the time does come.

Keyword analysis tools- Keyword analysis and SEO can be one of the most efficient ways for a new business to join the competition quick. Learning to use SEO can be tricky at times and relies on many factors, but the most important is keywords. Choosing the right keyword can be a troubling task. It is best to check the activity of any word you intend to use and check for high volume with low content or competition. Although this sounds easy, your competitors are looking for these same words, so getting there first can be essential.

Link management tools- One easy way to do link management is to go to the search engine of your choice and type in link:https://www.yourdomain.com/yourpage.html using the information for your site for both the domain and page. As a result, the search engine will give you 10 sites it finds most relevant to your landing page. Evaluate them and see if they’re worth a try.

Social media management and analysis- Track your customers and follow trends using social media management. In doing so, you will be able to track how many people visit your page, click your link, convert to actual customers, and so on. Finding out how many of your followers actually end up buying your product can be a daunting task, so let these tools help you!

Email marketing- If you’re trying to update people with what’s going on with your business, email marketing can be the perfect way to do so. There are two challenges you will face along the way though: getting people to sign up and avoiding the spam folder. Nothing says spam more than a bunch of promotional emails from any business. In order to avoid this, get “whitelisted” and have the people who sign up add your business to their contacts. Getting people to sign up is difficult too. Often times, businesses provide clear call to actions and promotional deals.

Although these are only a few tips, they will get your small business headed in the right direction. Go out there and give these a try. You’ll be surprised by your results.


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