Countless malicious online attackers are out there just waiting for your next login. Fortunately for you, internet browser plugins also exist to protect you from the worst of it. Here are a few the experts recommend you try to keep you safe while you’re banking online, doing a little internet shopping, or just surfing the web.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin has recently become the favored ad-blocking browser plugin for security experts. Advantages include:

  • A smaller digital footprint (it takes up less space on your computer).
  • No effect on browser speed when it protects you from ads.
  • Ability to make custom lists of ads to block or allow

HTTPS Everywhere

Secure websites are using the HTTPS protocol and encrypting your personal, account login, and financial information. But not every site is HTTPS-enabled, which is where HTTPS Everywhere comes in handy.

With HTTPS Everywhere, you'll always know when a site you're surfing is safe. A collaboration between the Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, this extension automatically redirects you to HTTPS-secured sites if your browser sends you to unsecured areas, while keeping your sensitive information safe.

Privacy Badger

For anti-tracking extensions, the best cookie beater to go with is Privacy Badger. Privacy Badger essentially makes you invisible to third-party advertisers while you're surfing the internet. Its aim is to protect you from advertisers tracking your every move online and “malvertising,” the use of online advertising to disseminate malware.


The RequestPolicy browser plugin informs you when the web page you're browsing directs your browser to access another website. These "cross-site requests" expose you to possible data hacks without your permission. Cross-site requests can also launch "forgery attacks,” making it look like you approved the access of another site.

RequestPolicy blocks all those cross-site requests, notifying you when it does so you can allow those you're okay with. It also gives you the ability to "whitelist" such requests by origin and destination.


Webroot offers an effective filtering extension that helps protect you from dangerous sites. Its password manager helps you maintain all your different sign-ins, encrypting your passwords for added protection.

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