Both new and seasoned small businesses grapple with the same question, “How do I stay ahead of the competition?” While the answer to that question may not be cut and dry, a sure way to edge out your competition is to be smarter.

This curated list of business-related education resources, some of which don’t require any college experience, may give your business a strong advantage:

Management & Marketing: All the pros had to learn the basics. In order to keep your business afloat it’s imperative to learn effective communication and leadership practices, especially if your business is people facing or you have more than one employee.

Accounting & Finance: You don’t have to be anxious about tax forms or cash flow. Learn about new market regulations and understand how to maximize your profits by staying abreast on equity, policy, capital structure and more.

Photography/Videography: Why outsource when you can train a resource? It can benefit your entire advertising and marketing plan, and budget, to know how to develop promotional materials that are both customized and branded.

Industry Master Classes: Have you considered becoming a master stylist or electrician? Customers will pay for the value of your expertise. Take your skills to the next level and your business will follow.

Internet Marketing: Eighty-five percent of people find business online. That is not by chance. Companies invest in SEO marketing and pay-per-click, to ensure their business information ranks high in Google searches. Discover how to reach the customers you need by learning the ins and outs of Internet marketing.

Certifications: There are tons of certifications to choose from. You can become certified in everything from CPR to Microsoft in self-paced and sometimes free courses.

Grant Writing: Is your business community-based or a non-profit? Enroll in a grant writing course to study the art of grant writing and never leave any much-needed funds on the table.

Public Speaking: Business is all about networking and making connections. Make strong impressions that lead to huge deals with the techniques you will practice in organizations like Toastmasters International or the National Speakers Association.

The beauty of being in business as an entrepreneur is that you have whatever you dream. Fuel those dreams with the knowledge and expertise you need to make them a reality.

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