A new and improved Phone Swipe app is in the Apple App Store for iPhone users! With Phone Swipe 3.1.1, you’ll get a brand new app design and new features aimed at making credit card processing on your iPhone an easier and faster experience – just in time for the busy summer season. Updates for Android releases coming soon.

The new features available include:

A new look and feel

The Phone Swipe redesign brings you shorter sync times, a new item library and improved reporting. We’ve also designed a new menu that makes navigation with the app more straightforward – saving you time and money.

Updated speed and simplicity

We know time is money, that’s why we’ve included Express Sale in Phone Swipe 3.1 for iPhones. With Express Sale, you can skip the checkout process by swiping a card, and then move on to the next sale – it’s that easy. In addition, you can set the app to launch on Express Sale for every transaction, helping you cut down on those lines.

Awesome item library

With the improved item library, you can create discounts for both a single item and the entire cart. Modifiers and Multiple Prices also allow you an endless variety of item customization, and you can organize you goods with the new Categories and Favorites.

SMS receipts

Now you can offer customers receipts any way they want it – through email, paper, or SMS receipts. Text receipts to your customers on your iPhone or iPad.

If you are already using Phone Swipe for your iPad, the transition to 3.1 on your iPhone will be seamless. If you only use Phone Swipe on your iPhone, click here to download the guide. As always, if you have any questions, concerns, feedback or would like to use us for your credit card processing please call 1-877-957-9473.

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