You greet every customer with a welcoming smile and a hearty hello. They can tell you’re truly interested and just not giving them lip service. Heck, you even offer free gift-wrapping for those who are on their way to an event. You score high on every online review service, and your customer service is what others judge their businesses against,. Then something happens and you get one bad review that starts to chip away at the steady foundation you’ve built.

So what happened? You did everything like usual, but this time your credit card terminal acted up, and your customer was declined when they clearly had enough to cover their transaction. Sadly, this makes your business guilty by association and you suffer the effects of the biting review that could stop someone from making their first visit to your store because they saw the negative review caused by your credit card processor.

So how do you pick a credit card processor that has the same dedication to customer service that you do?

Pick the right processor. Every processor offers much of the same functionality, but where the industry leaders separate themselves is building a trust over years and years of excellent service. North American Bancard (NAB) has been in business for more than two decades and has helped more than 250,000 businesses accept credit cards.

With an A+ Accredited Business Rating from the Better Business Bureau, Top Ten Review Gold Rating and founding member of the North American Merchant Advance Association, NAB is one of the nation’s most trusted credit card processing companies.

Accept the right vendors. Customers want more and more variety and picking the right vendor (in this case the type of payment card) can make a world of difference with your customers. Accepting a variety of payment cards allows you to open your sales up to nearly every buyer that walks through your door. NAB has you covered. Depending on what account you pick with NAB, you’ll be able to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and even PayPal!

Create a process. The folks at suggest that you have an overall buying process. Meaning, allow customers to save data for future visits, give customers the option to receive an emailed receipt and get them in and out of your store or off your e-Commerce site as quickly as possible. It is all about creating a process that increase the convenience factor for your customers. A quick, clean transaction is the best way to increase your customer service through credit card processing.

Other than creating an inviting customer experience in your store, or as they use your user-friendly website, your main connection to them is when they entrust you with their personal information in the form of a payment card transaction. Don’t leave that trust to chance.

For more information about setting up a merchant account with NAB, call 877-840-1952, or visit our site.

Contact NAB today and see how easy it is to get the merchant services you deserve.

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