Content marketing can be crucial part to a small businesses marketing strategy, that’s why it’s important to stay on top of the trends. So what should you expect for content marketing headed into the New Year? The first thing you must think about is cutting through the noise of the other brands, but not overwhelming your customers. We at North American Bancard (NAB) offer up a few ideas on how you can do just that.

Tell your story.

The one thing you have, that no other business has, is your story. Give customers a VIP look at the interworkings of your business. Don’t treat it as a stagnate article or simply stating information, write it as if you were telling acquaintances a story of the origins of your company. It will engage the reader and break down those walls of them seeing you as a business, so they can see you as more of an accessible group of people they’d like to do business with.

Think small.

We live in a different world where bigger isn’t always better. With so many people choosing wearable devices, you have to keep these folks in mind when you post content. Less is more in this case, and more precise, undiluted writing will win the day with those using wearable devices to get their content.

Get them clicking.

Adding meaningful, interactive elements to your content will offer a more engaging and personal experience to your customers. Seventy percent of content marketers think offering interactive content is a very effective way to engage visitors when they are frequenting your website.

Let them see you.

2016 might be the year of the video as a primary way to get your content to your customers. Did you know 80 percent of online visitors watch a video, and only 20 percent read the content? Jay Baer, president of Convince & Convert, explains video best this way: “If you have video, you have audio. If you have video, you have text (via transcription). If you have video, you have photos. But it doesn’t work the other way around.”

There is no magic potion or silver bullet for what is going to be effective content marketing in 2016, but engaging your customers with fresh, innovative content is always the best way to go. Be sure to do research every few months to make sure you are ahead of any up-and-coming trends.

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