Getting customers to your website is one thing; getting them to do what you want (buy, download, click) once they’re there is a whole new task. Part of winning at that game is making clear calls to action (CTAs) that make it simply irresistible for them to click.

Including CTAs on a website might seem like common sense, but at least one study found that most websites don’t have CTAs on their home page. Of those that do, many just do not have the power to drive the intended results, be it generating leads, increasing sales or attracting subscribers. Following are some dos and don’ts to make your CTAs clear, convincing, and most of all, click-worthy.

Do: Keep It Simple

Let customers know exactly what you want them to do and why. Use engaging language but don’t get too clever and cover up the message — keep it simple and short (five words or less).

Don’t: Use Off-Putting Language

Customers tend to get spooked by terms such as “Subscribe,” which sounds like a major commitment. Terms like “Get Updates” sound much less intimidating.

Do: Make CTAs Prominent

Don’t put your CTAs at the bottom of the page or off to the side. Keep them toward the top where they are sure to be seen. Don’t limit them to just your home page either; remember to place them on interior pages too. Choose colors for buttons that stand out and contrast against the background but are still brand appropriate. Note: Studies have shown green and orange tend to perform best.

Don’t: Forget Follow Through

Make sure that once people do click you send them some recognition for doing so, such as a “thank you for subscribing” email, purchase confirmation or other means of communication.

Do: Monitor What’s Working and What’s Not

Free tools like Google Analytics can help you see where people are and are not clicking when they visit your website, which can be useful in determining where to place CTAs. 

Don’t: Neglect the Mobile Market

At least half of your customers are likely to browse your site from mobile devices, and you want those CTAs to not only pop there but provide a seamless experience as well.

Do: Engage

Consider ending articles with leading questions to encourage comments and start a conversation with customers. Also encourage them to expand that engagement to their friends with a prominent “share this” button on content pages.

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