Over the last year, Facebook has updated their algorithm and made business page updates less visible. So how can you beat the algorithm and get your business’s Facebook page in front of all the right people? Here’s how:

  1. Share great content. Facebook has ways of weeding out the weak, so instead of focusing only on quantity, focus on quality as well. This means referencing articles from reputable sources, although if you’re attempting to self-promote, posting your own blogs can be a great way to do so. Pictures and videos are also a great ways to share quality content, and you can even track some of these features through Facebook itself.
  2. Extend to other social networks. If you have a Facebook for your business, you should probably consider investing some time in creating an Instagram page as well, as the two are closely related (due to Facebook acquiring Instagram in 2012). Sharing and connecting your audience between the two could not be easier. Instagram isn’t the only social media that Facebook can connect with though. Using third party applications, you can integrate other social media sites into your Facebook page. Also, remember to post your usernames for other social media website in the bio of your Facebook page so people can find you no matter where they go.
  3. Post more often. Even though you may have posted this morning, users often don’t scroll that far back or Facebook might filter other posts forward that they calculate the user is more interested in. In order to spin the odds in your favor, post throughout the day and multiple times a day. Although, as a small business owner, you may not have the time to post every 20 minutes, the more often you post, the better.
  4. Share exclusive content. Give people a reason to follow you on Facebook and differentiate your Facebook page from other social media pages. Try posting certain flash sales on Facebook only at a specific time and on a different social media site the next. Giving these exclusive offers encourages your audience to follow you on multiple platforms without seeing the same content on all sites.
  5. Pay Attention to Analytics. Although there are plenty of sites devoted to providing the analytics behind your Facebook page, don’t be afraid to measure it naturally, but do keep track! While professional sites will track organic reach and daily growth, you can view your own Facebook page to see what type of content works best. Blogs? Videos? Pictures? This means determining which are getting the most engagement, the most shares, and the most likes. Figure out what drives traffic to your page and what keeps people engaged.

Facebook is easy to set up and start, but growing an audience is one of the hardest parts. Keep at it with quality content every day and eventually, you’ll get the results you desire. Use your time efficiently on Facebook and follow these tips to get started!


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