In today’s business climate cash takes a backseat to both credit and debit cards, that’s why selecting the right merchant account for your business is vital to your success. To help you in your search, we’ve gathered some tips and tricks so you can find the merchant account that fits your business needs.

Stick with the experts. When you deal with a bank, they are always professional and can help you with a number of products and services, including providing merchant accounts. However, according to, banks usually end up farming out those accounts out to dedicated merchant account providers. Forbes goes on to say a merchant account provider, like North American Bancard (NAB), can process credit and debit cards like a bank, but they can also process EBT, and gift and loyalty cards. Going directly to a company like North American Bancard cuts out the middle man, and could provide you with lower costs.

Do a little digging. Do your due diligence and check out all merchant account providers with the Better Business Bureau. See what their track record is with other merchants in similar fields, and if they aren’t listed, you might want to run the other way. With an A+ Accredited Business Rating from the Better Business Bureau, Top Ten Review Gold Rating and founding member of the North American Merchant Advance Association, NAB is one of the nation’s most trusted credit card processing companies.

Are they there to help? Just like in your business, customer service means everything. When choosing a provider keep in mind these questions.

  • Are they easily reachable via phone or email?
  • What are the hours for their customer service center?
  • Do they have a customer service center? And if so, where is it based?

North American Bancard clearly shows three numbers and three emails for merchants who need to get ahold of either sales, customer support or the ever important tech support.

What’s the bottom line? Customers know what they are going to pay for a product or service at your store, so why not know what you’re going to pay when it comes to credit card processing fees? These fees can swing high or low depending on what company you select. When looking at the competition, know NAB offers rates as low as .29%.  

North American Bancard also offers a 6-minute application and, once approved for a merchant account, NAB will help you save money on credit card processing when compared to the competition. Other benefits include month-to-month service agreements with no cancellation fee and your choose of equipment from the industry’s largest selection of free equipment.

Call NAB at (877) 840-1952 to start the application process today!

Contact NAB today and see how easy it is to get the merchant services you deserve.

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