The 2015 holiday shopping season is fast approaching. Make sure you and your business are prepared for both the in-store and online traffic expected this year:

2015 holiday shopping trends

It’s obvious that going digital is important no matter what size your business is. With so many people buying online for the holidays, it’s time to step up your game and give your customers the best digital experience possible. To do so, try giving your website the holiday update it needs.

Theme it. Whether it’s the background or an avatar, make it holiday themed. Remind your customers that the holidays are coming up and it’s time to take a look at that gift they’ve been thinking about buying.

Highlight special deals. Special deals are not uncommon for the holidays from any website. If you don’t have one yet, it may be in your best interest to consider implementing a deal that will entice customers to buy. You can start mall and gauge what happens if you add a promo code for free shipping around the holidays. Free shipping is equivalent to about 15 percent off, but customers overestimate the benefits of this and expect that it is even higher. Always remember to highlight your deals in order to increase conversions. This is not only beneficial for your marketing and advertisements, but it also provides you an opportunity to add more exclusive content to social media pages to gain more followers and friends.

Clarify shipping deadlines. When it’s time for the holidays, every customer wants their packages to come on time. A customer who receives their gift the day after the holidays won’t exactly be a content customer. Spread awareness about your shipping policies and schedule. This can be done on multiple different pages, whether it’s on the actual product page, the shipping page, or even a blog post. A blog post is the perfect way to highlight that this is important to your online shoppers and gives them another reason to stay informed.

Focus on customer service. Everything comes down to the last second on the holidays. People will still attempt to check out at 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the shipping deadline. People will have questions and there will be a massive influx of customer service needs. Responding as soon as possible will keep customers engaged. The longer you wait, the higher chance they find somewhere else to buy from and that their frustrations will not be forgotten.

Remember the importance of going digital and try out some of these tips. Although going digital is important, a physical store is still a great way to maximize sales. So go ahead and try some of these tips for your website!


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