holiday sales

Dress your site. Make sure your website reflects the holiday and your promotions. Promotion images and holiday sales tabs are the perfect way to grab your customer’s attention and let them know it’s that time of the year. With 76 percent of smartphone owners making a holiday purchase on their phone, it’s essential to make sure that your site is mobile. Responsive websites are not too difficult to achieve, but hiring someone to do so might be your best bet.

Use social media. With 66 percent of people who shopped online for cyber Monday or black Friday doing so as a direct result of social media marketing, it’s time for your business to market on social media too. This includes holiday-themed contests and profile pictures. Also, use social media to spread awareness of any promotional offers of holiday sales.

Work on your marketing strategy. If your business focuses on SEO, it is important to start publishing related content before September! This might seem quite early, but if you’re going to stay ahead of your competitors, this is the time to do it. If you haven’t started an SEO-based marketing campaign, don’t worry and don’t rush into it for the holidays. There is plenty of time and SEO is nothing that can be done in a day.

Email marketing is another great way to spread awareness of your holiday deals. To reward the people who have signed up for your email list and keep them interested, release an exclusive deal through your email marketing campaign. When sending these emails, make sure to be straight forward with what the email is about by putting the promotion right at the top. Customers’ inboxes can become overburdened around this time, so try to keep the amount of products you advertise in your email simple and below ten.

Get started! If you’re only a couple months away it’s time to think about the most profitable time of the year for your small business. Follow these tips and get started today!


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