Fun fact! Approximately 51 percent of people are more likely to purchase a product after they “like” it on Facebook. This statistic is just one, of many, reasons that you should get your small business on Facebook.

Building a Facebook business page is easy, and takes just a few clicks:

1. To start, go to and click on “Create a Page.” Once you do that, you can choose your type of business from the option, the category that best fits your business and your contact information. Finally, click “Get Started.”

2. Build your business’s identity on the page by choosing and uploading a unique cover photo and a profile picture (like your logo). You can change the cover photo as often as you’d like to keep the page fresh, but you should keep your profile photo the same so your page is easily recognizable.

3. Be sure to update your page regularly with a variety of posts. These posts can be linking to relevant articles or videos about your products or business; or you can do status updates informing customers of upcoming events or sales. Videos and photos tend to perform well.

4. Finally, you will want to click on insights at the top of your page to periodically check on how your posts perform and see what your page demographics are. Use the information provided to see which posts are most popular. You can also use this data to publish posts at the best times and reach the maximum number customers who like your page.

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