According to Corvisa Cloud, 74 percent of people polled have talked to customer service in the past year, and 15 percent of those same people said they would rather go to the dentist than talk to customer service.

Use the advice in this infographic to make the most of your customer relationships and improve your customer service.

customer service

It makes sense that a happy customer makes a happy business, but what can you do to make increase satisfaction for customer relationships at your business?

Listen. Whether it’s an email or a comment on a social media page, make sure to listen to what the customer has to say. Cutting them off or ignoring them will undoubtedly result in frustration. Be understanding but also find ways to get a word in and get the situation under control.

Be responsive. Most customers will not be willing to sit and wait for an answer to their questions, so respond quickly and make it apparent that you are doing the best you can. These questions are typically simple questions for any small business, so there’s no reason you should lose a sale for a reason like this.

Follow company culture. A company culture and mission statement is essential for any customer relationship. Shaping your customer relationships around a respectful mission statement will remind employees the importance of treating the customer as a first priority.

Don’t forget about the customers. It is inevitable that any successful small business will grow in customers and operations. The important part is to grow these departments relative to others. This means that if your customer base grows, your customer service or CRM department must grow relative to it. Growing and being profitable is the goal, but do not assume that there aren’t still customers with problems and do not assume there will be the same amount of each. Prepare yourself for growth and be willing to hire the people necessary to do so.

CRM software is as important digitally, as effective in person communication with a customer. Figure out how to keep customers and show them what your business is all about!


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