When you hear the word “leader” what comes to mind? Do you envision a pioneering individual who helps guide a company through a myriad of struggles, successes and unique challenges? Is it a person who surrounds herself with incredible talent and has the vision, confidence and composure to allow those people to do what they do best? Or is it someone who seeks council, is decisive when need be and isn’t afraid to fail?

The answer: Probably a combination of all the traits above, and more.

Leaders manifest themselves in many forms and need to adapt to what is needed for the group at any given time. They must possess forethought, vision and courage to execute on a strategy that might be unconventional. This person might be someone that you don’t necessarily agree with all the time, but they inspire or motivate people in ways that they don’t even know.

Below is the latest playbook from North American Bancard. Download, give it a read and hopefully it makes you think about what traits you value in your leader. Or as a leader, what traits do you embody? Please give us a follow on Twitter @Bancard and let’s continue the conversation there!

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