It’s important to not overlook the importance of optimizing your company’s website for mobile use. According to Part Select, 79 percent of consumers use a smartphone to do their shopping.

To meet the needs of your customers that use smartphones for shopping, try out some of these tips:

Make buying easy. People using their smartphone to shop want a simple process, so help them out. Getting to the product they want should be easy. Make that a reality by cutting down any unnecessary pages that you can. Every extra page that they have to go through is a barrier to a sale.

Make it fast. With consumers shopping on their phones while on-the-go, sites need to load instantly. Mobile shoppers are not patient so if you can’t find a way to get your page to open quickly, odds are abandonment will happen within seconds.

To speed up load times, try out some of these tips:

  • Keeping images to a limited number. Use an image if it’s essential, but otherwise, it will just slow down load times
  • Compile scripts
  • Keep redirects to a minimum
  • Delete hidden elements

Make products easy to find. Online mobile shoppers typically have their mind set on what they’re looking for. When coming to your website, they want a search function that will make items easier to search and more accessible to find. Use  analytics, to find the best ways to categorize your search results and what phrases people are using to search for items.

Use push notifications. Push notifications are another great way to get people back that may have forgotten about your business. Remind them of what they were looking at and be willing to include special offers if they “buy it now”. Try including free shipping with your push notification and you’re bound to get some people back on the hook. Use the push notification wisely, because the user does always have the option to turn it off.

Making a quality mobile website is sure way to grab more people’s attention, so go ahead and follow these tips to get your mobile site started!


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