We’ve heard your suggestions, and we are pleased to announce the introduction of inventory customization for PayAnywhere users. Have a customer that likes a little cinnamon in their otherwise normal coffee? Not a problem. With PayAnywhere Storefront 3.2, merchants can now customize each inventory item with an endless array of variations – everything from size to flavor to color.

Setting up Item Option Sets is easy:

  • Tap “Add Item Option Set.”
  • Create a new set and give it a name. If you’d like to limit one option to be added per item, make sure to turn on “Customer can select only one option.”
  • Add all options, as well as the prices for each option, if applicable.
  • Hit “Add Item Option Set” to save.
  • To add an item option set to a single item, tap on the item. Under “Item Option Set,” select the set you’d like to apply, like colors for example, and hit the back arrow then “Save.”

All Item Option Sets are global and can be applied to any or all inventory items.

In addition to Item Options, we’ve added a new payment option – Split Tender. Split Tender allows merchants to accept multiple forms of payment on a single transaction. Multiple payment methods include splitting an amount onto separate cards, cash, or PayPal photo check-in.

To use Split Tender follow these steps:

  • Tap “More Payment Options” after you ring up a sale.
  • Select “Split Tender.”
  • Enter the first payment amount, along with the payment option.
  • The app will now calculate the amount still owed. Continue by entering the second payment amount and method.
  • Repeat the process until the amount due is $0.
  • Tap “Proceed” to complete the transaction.

Finally, you can now offer customers their receipt through SMS text messaging in addition to email or a printed receipt.

If you are using PayAnywhere on a Storefront unit, there’s no manual update needed, you will receive the new features automatically. Have comments or questions about PayAnywhere Storefront 3.2? Call (877) 387-5640 or email custservice@payanywhere.com.