Answer: When you first sign in to Phone Swipe, set up your account by clicking on the Settings button. You will go through the following screens.

  • PIN/Pattern Creation:Create a personal PIN or pattern (optional Android preference) that will be required to unlock the app. The Phone Swipe app provides a lock period to prevent unauthorized usage of your account.
    • Reset PIN/Pattern: In the event that you forget your PIN/Pattern and have unsuccessfully entered your PIN/Pattern three consecutive times, you will be taken through a PIN/Pattern reset process. You will be required to re-authenticate using your username/email and password.
  • This screen is pre-loaded with the merchant account owner’s business information, such as: company name, business address, business phone, business fax, business website, and business email. You can edit this information as well as add a company logo and receipt message. You will also select from two receipt-specific settings:
    • Email Me All Receipts: BCC/email yourself a copy of all your receipts.
    • Show Sales Location On Receipts: Turn on this setting to record the location of a transaction, which will display a map on receipts.

NOTE: Receipt information is optional; the information that you provide on this screen will be reflected in the receipts that are emailed or printed for your customers. You will be able to change these settings either during the setup process or anytime afterwards by visiting the Settings section.