The EMV Migration is underway, and North American Bancard (NAB) offers a number of EMV terminals to get your small business ready to accept EMV payments. Before we explore the new point-of-sale hardware, let’s dive into the software behind EMV and what it means to you.

If your hardware is EMV-capable, it will have a slot for patrons to insert or “dip” their chip card. However, before you can take EMV transactions, your hardware will need a software upgrade that will accommodate dipping, pin-entry and signature verifications. The software update will enable the chip in your terminal to communicate with the chip in your patrons’ card.

With traditional credit cards, the magnetic stripe contains all the data pertaining to your customer, leaving both customers and merchants vulnerable to cyber attacks and fraud. Remember Target’s cyber catastrophe?

That all changes with EMV transactions, the chip in the card provides added protection for both merchants and customers.

Here is what NAB offers for those wanting an EMV terminal. All EMV-capable terminals will be EMV-ready once the software is updated. If you have an EMV-capable terminal, you will be notified when the update is ready.


  • PayAnywhere Storefront
  • Vx570 DC SC
  • Vx510 + 805 PIN PAD
  • Vx570 + 805 PIN PAD


  • Vx520 with or without an 805Pinpad
  • Vx680 wireless

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