At PayAnywhere, we are always working hard to improve our product and give our merchants nothing less than the best. We recognize that PayAnywhere Storefront hasn’t been as fast as it could be in the past. However, as a result of recent upgrades to our system, you will now see a vast improvement in PayAnywhere Storefront sync times.

The PayAnywhere Storefront 3.2.2 update will automatically download to your equipment when you turn it on today.

What is Storefront?

The checkout process has evolved. While other cloud-based tablet solutions hinder your sales with expensive equipment costs and complicated pricing models, PayAnywhere changes the game and is a payments revolution. With this free 10-inch tablet, you can swipe in style and have dynamic touch-based transactions and a seamless checkout experience.

Storefront allows for more ways to get paid, accepting Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal with next day funding. Storefront also allows for you to dig deeper with detailed in-app and online reporting to tell you what, where, and when your customers are purchasing. With item libraries, you can provide product images, modifiers, and multiple prices for faster and easier transactions. Another great feature are receipts that can either be emailed or printed that include a photo and product description. This device also works with multiple users, so go ahead and add unlimited users to your account with unique login credentials. Storefront provides nothing but the best when it comes to security, so swipe with confidence. From data encryption and tokenization to fraud prevention, protecting you and your customers is our highest priority.

If you’re wondering what comes in the box of any PayAnywhere Storefront device, the following items are provided:

  • 10” tablet
  • Stand with built-in credit card reader
  • Power cord
  • Mobile credit card reader
  • Mounting kit
  • User setup guide

If you are having problems swiping, try taking another look at the magstripe of the credit card. It is important that it is facing the right direct, which is down and away from you when swiping.

If you have any questions you can call us at 877-387-5640 or email

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