Securing customer card data can be challenging for small businesses, because they don’t have as many in-house resources or budget to put toward security measures as larger businesses. As a result, PCI compliance is often an area that gets tucked away in the corner and most small business owners don’t even give it a second thought until an intrusion happens or they start getting fined for non-compliance.

That said, the mention of PCI compliance can simply be overwhelming for these business owners, because of the myriad of standards and requirements a business needs to follow to stay in full compliance. 

The PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (PCI SAQ) is a record of PCI compliance each merchant is required to keep on file to prove they are complying with mandated PCI security measures that are designed to help them keep cardholder data secure. There are multiple versions of the SAQ and the one that is right for your business will depend on how your business accepts credit and debit card payments. Each SAQ also varies in length. Some are around 20 questions, with the longest one being 329 questions.

North American Bancard has implemented a program that simplifies PCI compliance for merchants. For many accounts, this program actually eliminates the SAQ step and non-compliance fees. NAB’s program, PCI Plus, is an innovative approach to making PCI compliance frictionless, simple, and secure for every merchant.

The benefits of NAB’s PCI Plus program are as follows:

  • Breach forgiveness – Should an unfortunate fraud event occur at your business, we cover you with up to $100,000 in breach forgiveness coverage for each qualifying merchant account.
  • No fees – When you are enrolled in NAB’s Edge and flat-rate pricing programs, there are zero PCI fees.
  • Elimination of SAQs, scans, and check-ins – Who has time for a 329 questionnaire about PCi security? With many of our programs, these requirements are eliminated, because NAB’s support professionals do the work for you.
  • Free vulnerability scan – For up to three IP addresses we offer scans for free!

Let NAB’s three decades of experience in the payment processing industry go to work for you, so you can keep focused on running your business. With PCI Plus, you can rest assured your business is always PCI compliant.

To learn more about PCI compliance and how it impacts your business, please download our PCI compliance resource guide: A Merchant’s Guide To PCI Compliance.

To learn more about the PCI Plus program, please visit, watch our helpful PCI Plus video, or call 877-840-1952.

Contact NAB today and see how easy it is to get the merchant services you deserve.

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