It’s now easier than ever to measure the success of your business with Phone Swipe 3.0’s detailed reporting. Whether you want to look at total sales for the year, or transaction-specific data, it’s all there on your iPad. To access your reports, just tap the Gear icon on the Sell screen and get started.

Phone Swipe 3.0 for iPad users also includes sales trends reporting. Now you can see an informative overview of sales, average ticket amount, number of transactions, top items and payment method. You can also create custom date ranges or filter by preference.

If you want information on your customers, Phone Swipe 3.0 reporting has it. You can now see a complete listing of customers with quick access to contact information and history. When it comes to transactions, you can sort and filter everything, view details or issue a refund or void.

More Control

Phone Swipe 3.0 offers business owners more control over the app. You can manage and switch among multiple accounts, lock down your app, enable tips, create tax amounts and connect with external devices like printers and cash drawers – all just a tap away on the Settings screen.

Want to customize your receipt? Now you can preview your receipt and update it, in real-time, to customize it to each customer.

If you are using Phone Swipe on your iPad, an update is available for download in the Apple App Store. Have comments or questions about Phone Swipe 3.0? Call 877-957-9473 or email