We’ve heard your suggestions, and we are pleased to announce the introduction of inventory customization for Phone Swipe users. Have a customer that likes a side of pickles and extra mayo on their otherwise normal turkey sandwich? Not a problem. With Phone Swipe 3.0 for iPad users, merchants can now customize each inventory item with an endless array of variations – everything from size to flavor to color.

Setting up Item Option Sets is easy:

  • Enter Edit Mode.
  • Create a new set.
  • Add available choices for that item.

Using Item Option Sets you can now allow one or multiple selections within Inventory, and create options with additional costs, all on a single item. Item Option Sets are global and can be applied to any or all inventory items.

Phone Swipe 3.0 for iPad also includes the new multiple pricing feature. To access this, just tap an item on the Sell screen to view an available list of Prices and Item Options, then select what your customer wants and add it to the cart.

Do you want to add discounts to either an entire cart, or a single item? You can with the new Phone Swipe. You can also organize inventory in easy-to-access categories and create favorites for inventory items allowing quick access.

With the new categories and favorites, you can open and close the Categories menu right from the Sell screen, or you can keep it open all the time. You can also use favorites to group items together – simply add items from any category to your favorites by tapping the Heart icon in the Item Details. Grouped items will appear together as you switch between selections.

Phone Swipe 3.0 for iPad is available now in the Apple App Store. For more information, visit www.phoneswipe.com. Happy swiping!