Your business is only as good as the employees you hire – so how do you hire the best? Here are a few tips on what to look for when hiring financial employees for your business:


  1. An analytical mind. Finding a keenly analytical candidate can be difficult, but a good one can help manage budgets and predict the company’s future and direction. As great as these analytical minds can produce figures and comprehend graphs, it is important for them to understand what these figures mean in the context of the company. In other words, figures are more than just figures. Whether it’s revenue or salaries, creating a bridge between these numbers and the actual operations of a business is essential.


  1. An attention to detail. An attention to detail can be just as important as understanding the bigger picture. Internal audit compliance jobs can be numerous, but finding the perfect candidate can prove to be quite difficult. When looking at ways some businesses go about this process, they turn to generic job sites, but often end up overburdened by the numerous responses. Having finances that are well organized will pay off in the long run, especially when it comes to keeping a budget in check.


  1. Good communication skills. Often times, finance can be an entirely different language and fortunately, the right financial employee can be the perfect translator. Finding someone who can not only understand the data and stay organized, but also communicate what exactly the difference is between a great business and a failing one. If the finances and thought processes behind the analyses can’t be explained properly to others, making business decisions will be left to sheer chance and have much higher risk.


  1. An ability to work in a small environment. In a small business, it’s important that employees are able to work together and delegate work when needed. A small environment brings people closer together quite literally, but also in the ways in which their work overlaps. This is important for the financial sector and the ways in which communication between departments is crucial to every day operations.

Financial employees are abundant, but great ones are rare, so take your time and find one that’s right for your small business. Start searching for one now before they’re taken!

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