The time-honored tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions for yourself always starts with the best of intentions, and the ones you keep for the whole year always make that year that much better. So, why not make a list of resolutions for your business and stick with them?

Setting resolutions, or goals, for your business is always a good idea; it gives you something to strive for throughout the year and can help right the ship if you lose your way during tough times. Here are a few idea starters for your list as we welcome in 2016!

Continuous learning.

Jump at the chance to join a professional organization related to your business, and if there isn’t a local chapter then join the chamber of commerce. It will help you network and learn from other business owners on how to handle the ups and downs of business ownership. It is also an excellent place to promote your goods and services to decision makers in your community.

Be the leader.

As you go, so goes your business — so you want to come in with a productive, positive attitude that will trickle down to your employees. Be sure everyone knows what is expected of him or her, and keep them accountable for their performance. Also, be sure everyone is up-to-date on best practices and procedures so everything runs smoothly.

Be clear. Be direct.

Like any goal, you want to be as specific as possible when making a resolution. Sure it’s great to say you want to increase profits, but are you going to be happy with $10 more than the previous year? Or are you looking for a 30 percent increase in overall sales over the last two years? Be direct with your resolutions because at the end of 2016 you’ll be able to see clearly if you meet or exceeded those goals.

Get things in order.

The folks at Office Depot recommend getting organized as soon as possible so that you’re in a good spot going into the New Year. This may also include cleaning out your email inbox and filing paperwork where it’s easily accessible, yet out of the way.

Spread the word.

Day to day operations can cause you to forget the need to promote your business. If you want more foot traffic, you have to make the effort to get the word out. If you need guidance on how to do this, search out a marketing expert to help you create a marketing plan that you can implement throughout the year.

Goals are just that, goals. They can be a guide for the future of your business, and help you create a successful business for years to come when you reach them. We wish you the best of luck for a healthy and prosperous new year!

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