cashier accepting credit card with wireless credit card terminal.Until recently, you might have thought of credit card terminals as pieces of hardware plugged in near a computer where customers purchased products. Recently, with the adoption of mobile technology by businesses both large and small, wireless credit card processing machines have become popular. Rather than being stuck behind a desk when conducting a transaction, portable credit card machines allow you to move around your shop and interact with your customers.

Understanding what your customers need and how they want to shop plays a large role in customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, only 37 percent of shoppers in 2018 felt like retailers understood their needs. Finding better ways to interact with your customers and showing your interest makes all the difference in their experience. Simply removing the barrier of a desk during the payment process can help create a more personal encounter.

When you make the change from plugged-in to portable, you might notice a shift in traffic. Rather than creating long lines that lead to stressed-out customers and flustered employees, wireless card payment machines allow you to conduct business on the spot. Your customers can skip the line, and you can be more readily available to the next customer waiting for your assistance.

Knowing the difference between wireless and mobile.

Before you begin your search for the best POS system, you should know the difference between mobile and wireless credit card machines. While both systems are technologically advanced forms of payment terminals, they are not interchangeable. Mobile credit card readers allow merchants to conduct business through a mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet.

A wireless credit card processing terminal, on the other hand, works like the traditional point of service you’re used to, but it doesn’t have to stay attached to the checkout counter. No phone line or internet connection is necessary.

The right processor, the right provider.

Choosing the best POS system doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. You know your customers and you know your store. Choose an option that will maximize the flow of traffic in your shop and create a frictionless checkout for your  customers. At  North American Bancard, we know that payment acceptance should be as unique as your business. If you’re just starting your first business venture or you’re adapting your business to the way customers prefer to shop, your transition to wireless should be an easy one. Our quick, efficient, and dependable services keep costs low and workflow stable. We’re here to help your business grow.

To alleviate some of the pressure of choosing the best solution, we’ve answered some questions to help you determine the best fit for you.

How do wireless credit card terminals work?

woman paying at cafe table using wireless credit card terminal.They work much the same way as a non-portable alternative. The difference is, after you swipe a card or manually enter information, the terminal transfers the information to your payment processor wirelessly. The process doesn’t take longer any longer as there aren’t any additional steps. You don’t have to have be a tech wiz to set up a wireless credit card terminal. Instead of connecting your terminal to your landline through dial-up internet, you simply connect it to your Wi-Fi. 

The benefits of going wireless.

The best (and perhaps the most obvious) benefit of going wireless is that you can accept payments in non-traditional locations. Lines won’t wrap around the store floor. Customers won’t get impatient with slow wait times. More of your clientele will leave your store feeling satisfied and happy with their purchases and your company.

Because you can accept payments outside of the traditional cash register, you might notice an increase in sales. When you assist a customer and they’re ready to make their purchase right then and there, you can simply swipe their card on the spot!

Things to consider before going wireless.

If you’re minding your cash flow, look for a credit card processor that offers options for free equipment. As far as cost goes, be prepared to make  larger investment when it comes to securing a quality wireless credit card terminal. The good news is your hardware should last longer and you won’t have the added stress of it breaking down or not taking your customer’s card information efficiently and quickly.

Note that when it comes to wireless communication, breaks in connection may happen. When you’re using a mobile phone, you’re connected to a network that allows you to use data when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi. Using a wireless credit card terminal is a bit different. This means that when there is an outage, you likely won’t be able to use the credit card terminal unless it’s in offline mode. You’ll want to make sure this is an option before you make your purchase since loss of internet connection can happen at any moment.

When your wireless credit card machine is in offline mode, it can still safely and securely accept transactions. Since it’s connected to the internet, that means the information from transactions is stored in a cloud-based system specifically encrypted to prevent the theft of credit card information. When the system is offline, the information is stored in a cache until you’re back online. Your computer’s hard drive then saves the information until it can be sent to the servers via cloud technology.

How to choose the right terminal for your business.

Different businesses need different types of technical support. If you own a high-traffic business, the level of hardware and software you invest in should be more advanced than that of a smaller company.

During busy times, the last thing your customers should have to deal with is a technological issue because the software is too difficult for store associates to understand. Similarly, if you’ve downloaded up-to-date software, the hardware you use must be supportive of any new features.

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At North American Bancard, we offer low processing fees, don’t require long-term contracts, and offer free terminal placement. We help make it easy to offer your customers the frictionless transactions they’ve come to expect. Whether you’re looking for a wireless credit card terminal, or a mobile card reader, we have the technology you need to accept payments wherever your customers take you. We’ll help you customize your payment processing to your specific business. To set up a consultation, contact us here, or give us a call at 877.840.1952.

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