As you can see, there are quite a few social media platforms out there and it is constantly growing. You may be using social media for yourself, but have you ever thought of using social media for your business? Here’s a couple tips on how to use it can be a benefit to your business:

Start a hashtag contest. If you’ve never heard of a hashtag contest, crawl out from under your rock and try it out. A hashtag contest typically involves using Instagram, so if you don’t have one yet, set one up! After that, you’ll need to post something to make your audience aware that if they post a photo and hashtag your contest slogan, you’ll choose the best one and reward them with a prize. The key though, is that they have to post the picture using your product in a creative fashion. It’s a win-win scenario. Not only do you have plenty of good publicity and build even better customer relationships, but they too are rewarded with whatever you decide to give out!

Share, share, and share. Social media was created for the intended purpose of sharing content and Facebook stalking your friends, so if you have blogs, event information, product releases, or even just want to post to wish your followers a happy holiday, go ahead and do it. Typically, one can only hope to convert some of these shares into leads, but at the same time, being active on social media shows your customers that your business cares.

Interact. Creating a social media page comes with benefits and consequences. It is inevitable that you will get both complaints and compliments from anyone that interacts with your business on social media. If someone has a complaint or a question, answer fast and listen. Showing you understand rather than provoking the user is often best for your business. If a user mentions your business, feel free to respond and build those customer relationships- loyal customers are the best customers!

Social media has more purposes than one could ever imagine, so create a social media page today for your business.

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