If you want to be more productive at work, just change your position or your scenery. A new study finds just standing at your desk can improve your output hugely. And sometimes your brain just needs to view things from a fresh angle, even if it's just a different corner of the office.

Here are a few ways to give your mind a much-needed boost without disrupting the workflow.

Changing Work Positions Can Boost Your Output

Standing up at work gets your blood flowing, keeps you moving, and can unblock stuck thoughts. It's also more healthy and can reduce "body discomfort". Some new desks allow you to set the height depending on the project (or your mood). Something called The Altwork Station lets you decide between sitting, standing, or lying down; keeping your computer screen in full view in every position.

Break the Routine of Your Meetings

Complacency might be setting in for you and your team if your meeting formats and places have gone stale. Walking meetings are a viable option, especially with all the interconnected gadgetry we carry around these days. Meet outside in a park or dash off to a coffee shop every other time.

Go Out for Coffee and Danish With Yourself

You've got that important project with a really tight deadline, right? Time to take a stroll down to your favorite cafe, get yourself something crumbly with something to dip it in. This can kick your creativity into overdrive, and help you focus away from all the work distractions at the office.

Stay at Home

Challenging projects that require intense focus might best be completed at home. Stay in for the morning or the entire day. This works best for a specific effort, like an important part of a project or some other critical task. You'll find it easier to get your team to agree to it the next time if it actually helps move things along this time.

Arrange a Workcation

With connected technology being what it is you might benefit from a complete change of scenery. Pretty much every possibility might be considered: the beach, a hotel downtown, a train trip, a remote island (with WiFi), or Paris. Yes, even a trip to Europe might be in order. When it comes to moving some important effort along almost any change in venue can be justified, it just requires extra planning (and perhaps approval).

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